5th XI

2020 – Captain Toqir Khalid

FInal Team standing for the 2020 season :

Team roll call for the 2020 season :

2019 – Captain Toqir Khalid

Final team standing for the season.

Team roll call for the season:

2018 – Captain Chris Gara

2017 – Captain Steve Levett

Not only was 2016 a fabulous year for Wokingham Cricket Club but I’m especially pleased that it was a record breaking year for the 5ths.  Whilst finishing 5th doesn’t sound too ground-breaking, we finished higher than ever before with over 60 points more in the season, but more importantly, we welcomed new faces – five seniors and also eight juniors who made their Seniors debuts.  All in all, a tremendous foundation to build on for 2017.

As for 2017, with the introduction of a few more juniors and seniors to come, strong availability and more dedicated technical coaching/training, I am extremely confident that the 5ths Squad will be a force to be reckoned with and will be pushing for a deserved Top 2 place.  What was particularly impressive last year was our “esprit de corps” – team morale, confidence, passion and discipline both on and off the pitch. 

I’m confident we will have a formidable squad that will make selection tough – very tough at times –  but that’s a good problem for any Captain.   Another major part of my role as Captain is to identify early on and communicate with Dersh Patel (Captain of the 4ths) those players who are ready to establish themselves in a higher league standard – competition will be fierce but I’m confident that by the end of the season at least two of you will be regular 4ths players – which, honestly, I would be absolutely thrilled about.

Steve Levett.

Wokingham CC, 5th XI Captain.