4th XI

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2023 – Captain Jake Staples

2022 – Captain Jon Barker

2022 4th XI Roll Call
2022 4th XI Final League Position

2021 – Captain: Jon Barker

2021 4th XI Roll Call
2021 4th XI Final League Position for 2021

2020 – Captain: Jon Barker

2020 4th XI Roll Call
2020 4th XI Final League Position

2019 – Captain Jon Barker

2019 4th XI Roll Call
2019 4th XI League Position

2018 – Captain Dersh Patel

2017 – Captain Dersh Patel

How many 4th XI teams can boast a venue such as Sadlers End and play at a facility like the MacGill Oval.  A truly wonderful facility and venue to play cricket.

It’s been up and down over the past few seasons for the 4th XI, nevertheless we feel that the future and coming season looks bright for this young team.  A few oldies combined with a couple of short people is very well complimented by very strong youth #Youngguns.

4th Tea Break @Kew – 2016 – Family Affair.

The 2016 season saw no less than 7 youth players taking the field at the same time in many games.  A team that comfortably won the Division 8a Championship with one loss all season.  Progress will make this club stronger, so as proud as I am of the youth players that helped make this team a success, some will move onto the 3rd or even the 2nd XI in the coming season.

Thank you to all of you for a very enjoyable season and a team that I feel very proud of captaining.  Looking forward to a great season ahead.  Exams permitting and availability, hopefully we will have much the same team and push on further.