3rd XI

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2022 – Captain Ryan Pogson

2022 3rd XI Roll Call
2022 3rd XI Final League Position

2021 – Captain Jake Turner

Final League position:

2020 – Captain Jake Turner

TVCL Div 4a Divisional Champions!

2020 3rd XI 2020 Roll Call
2020 Champions of TVCL Div 4a

2019 – Captain Jake Turner

2019 3rd XI Roll Call
2019 3rd XI Final League Positition

2018 – Captain Gary Fleming

2018 Divisional Champions

2017 – Captain Muhammed Usman

2017 can be a challenging year for us as a team but I am pretty confident the players will put in a hundred percent effort into every game. I feel quite lucky as a Captain, I have got some experienced players around me and I know they are always there to help, when I need in the field

This year I am looking forward to some Young players stepping up to prove themselves in senior cricket. I am confident that with the Help of our excellent coaching team and the senior, experienced players, we will do well as a club and a team.

I hope this year the 3rd XI players,through their consistency and performance, will make it difficult for the selection committee during their deliberations over 2nd XI selection.

I’m Looking forward to a great season ahead of us and I’ll say to young players if you get an opportunity grab it. As Geoff BoyCott said “to stay in, you have to not Get Out”