Update during Covid-19 and 2020 membership

21 May 2020

If you have already paid your membership fees for 2020 season, 50% will be forwarded towards next years membership fee.

Outdoor net(s) will be open for limited use (Ref guidance from ECB  )

NOTE: The Outfield is Out Of Bounds and not to be used.

If you wish to use the limited net(s) then you will need to agree to and follow the rules that have been put into place, details of which can be found here: Limited Net(s) Usage Instructions Link To .pdf Please take note of the distancing rules set out in the usage instructions.

Requirements to use the nets are as follows:

A) You must be a member of Wokingham Cricket Club. Which means your membership form must be completed (Form:

B) Your 50% reduced membership fee must be paid via BACS, prior to attendance. If you have already paid your full membership fee, 50% of it will be carried forward to next year. Normal Fee structure details are  here:  FEE STRUCTURELink To .pdf

C) Each person MUST bring along the signed attendance form (Here: Attendance Agreement FormLink To .pdf).

D) To book a net at Wokingham CC you must complete the booking form  here:


2020 Season Membership

Registration for the 2020 Cricket Season with Wokingham CC is now open for both Senior and Junior Players. ALL Players must complete the registration as follows:

1)Consult the Fee Structure Document : _Fee_Structure – to determine your membership level.

2) Complete the online form here: Registration Form : . PArents registering their child, please use your CHILDS name on the form, not yours. Existing members, please use your membership number as the payment reference, if you don’t know it, please email You can pay via online banking using BACS Or we can send you an invoice with a unique link to make payment. Make the choice on the form.

3) ALL Senior, U19, U17, U15 and U13 players MUST register on TeamAPP so they can be available for selection:


– Deadline for membership fee payments is 24th April 2020

– You MUST use your membership number on your payment otherwise we will not know that you have paid!!

– Your Membership number should be on your teamapp profile, if not email Ahmar on

– Fee structure and how to pay is detailed here:

-All players must complete the registration form so we can ensure:

  • a) you are a bona fide member and eligible to play for the club for league and insurance purposes
  • b) your league registration details are up to date

This is a 20 week League season which includes Cricket Force at either end of the season. We expect members to come and help with the grounds work on designated Cricket Force days.

Any questions conact Ahmar on