Wokingham CC Fundraiser

Last Updated on 2020-05-24 by admin

Like many clubs across the country Wokingham Cricket Club is facing the prospect of a season curtailed by the current Covid-19 situation.

With no cricket, no bar, no functions, reduced membership and faced with continuing costs of upkeep and overheads, a group of the players have decided to try and raise some funds to help.

In what looks to be a very warm week ahead the aim is to run, as a collective, 1000kms between 14 players.

Any donations (via the link below) will go to the club in order to help make sure that when we are able to head out and play again there is a club in a position to open once more for us to do so. Even the smallest donation will help and we also send our best wishes to other sporting clubs around the country who are facing the same hardships and frustrations!